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2015 July 22 Grenloch Trail / Grenloch Park Manor      



Although I can not pinpoint the exact day I decided to get in shape, there were a few moments that really helped me to understand that I needed to do this.

The first moment happened in early June, I was simply mowing the lawn. I felt horrible. Had to stop multiple times because I was so out of shape. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. It was a terrible feeling.

The next realization came the last week of June while on vacation. At this point I new had to do something, so I started walking on the beach everyday. This was very hard but I struggled through it. What was really bad was playing soccer on the beach with the family. That was near impossible. It was time for a change.

I was a couple days into working out when a Tornado blew through town and knocked the power out for six days. When I was home, the only thing I could do was work out and work out I did. Multiple hours a day, every day. It really gave me the kick start I needed. Working out became meaningful and I was seeing terrific results as well. Using all my equipment that sat dormant for years was paying off

I thoroughly enjoined the recumbent bike and was building up good endurance. By the end of July I tried to go for a ride on my bike and that was another life changing moment. So now biking outside is part of my daily routine. Many places to go and see. Here is my journey / journal of biking.


JULY 22, 2015

I basically took a little spin around my neighborhood and neighboring town of Grenloch. In the future I will call this the Grenloch trail. It is a 2 mile loop that has hills for resistance and some straight flat surfaces. This is all street and neighborhood roads except for one small section of the Gloucester Township Health and Fitness Trail (aka Blackwood Railroad Trail). For me it was a good start. It was 2 miles and I was glad that I did it.

Instagram Post: I'm not good at bike selfies maybe @oriley07 @jennmharding or @lindseyvan12 can give me pointers. Point is after almost a month of working out hard, I'm down 30lbs today!! And I've challenged myself to take fitness outside. Just did a 2 mile track with hills (and some traffic) but I did it and feel great about it.