2016 August 02 Grenloch, Lakeland Complex, Blackwood   2016 August 18 Baltimore - Inner Harbor, Camden Yards
2016 August 04 Walking (lawn cutting)   2016 August 18 Baltimore - Walk downtown
2016 August 06 GTWP H&W Trail, adjacent neighborhoods   2016 August 22 GTWP H&W Trail, Lakeland Complex, adjacent neighborhoods
2016 August 07 Recumbent Bike   2016 August 24 Gloucester Township Loop
2016 August 08 Recumbent Bike, Elliptical   2016 August 24 Walking (lawn cutting)
2016 August 09 Swimming (YMCA), Walking (Stewart Park)   2016 August 27 Woolwich & Logan Townships
2016 August 11 Recumbent Bike, Elliptical   2016 August 29 Blackwood Estates
2016 August 12 Fairmount Park, Wissahickon Park, BF Bridge +   2016 August 30  
2016 August 14-16 Recumbent Bike, Elliptical, ab crunches, Swimming   2016 August 31 Swimming (YMCA)
2016 August 18 Baltimore - Jones Falls Trail      
2016 August 18 Baltimore - Gwynns Falls Trail   August Stats  


August 02, 2016

Instagram Post: I never use Instagram filters so here you go. Okay tonight I did some maintenance on the bike. Adjust rear brakes because they were rubbing. Front derailleur was loose. air pressure obviously, etc. only went 5 miles in perpetuation for a ride tomorrow. I mean the sun already set when I started anyway. My second brake adjustment made for a smoother ride. Not much else to say. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #biking #LLLR

The Ride: I'm planning a big ride so this was strictly a maintenance ride. I had some issues. The good thing here is that the more I ride, the more I have learned about my bike. I feel that I can trouble shoot some issues now.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch, Lakeland Complex


August 04, 2016

Instagram Post: It was overdue. At least the home beautification project is back on course. I am the only one that finds yard care therapeutic? I used to hate this but now that hour or two I spend on the yard really clears my head & I feel a lot better mentally when I'm done. Who needs a therapist? Just grab a lawn mower and go go go! That's your nickels worth of free advice for the day! I really was in a funk for a few days but now I'm on the right track again! Until next time.


August 06, 2016

Instagram Post: Happy #Olympics No I'm not #biking in them. I am however training for #SeaGullCentury2016 Fundraising info for the @robthomas_78 scholarship is in my bio. This was my Tour de Blackwood. I set a goal of 30 miles today. I did 31. Conditioning and diet the next 2 months is key. Medium to large rides 1 or 2 times a week plus the recumbent bike and elliptical will make a comeback as they are controlled cardio exercises. Swimming as well. Besides the humidity, today was a great ride. Oh and judging by the amount of filth on my bike, you'd swear I was off roaring. NOPE! Now to clean the bike, then me. Happy Saturday everyone. Thanks for the support. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR #YouVsYou

The Ride: I stayed on the home trail and adjacent neighborhoods. It was a fair ride, no issues really. I was able to get near the Blackwood township sign which was cool. The track was slick at times but overall in good condition.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: GTWP Health and Wellness Trail, Grenloch Park Manor, Lakeland Terrace, Liberty Park, GTWP Midget Football, Blackwood Greeting, Railroad Crossings, Blenheim, Timber Cover, Lakeview Apartments, Hilltop, Blackwood Estates


August 07, 2016

Instagram Post: It's been a while since I did a #recumbentbike post but here it is. Trying to focus on cardio and controlled workouts so as work permits, I'll be using the recumbent bike, elliptical and swimming to train hard these final two months before #SeaGullCentury2016 Felt good to ride this machine again. It saved me over the winter. My days off are for long rides. Work days will be supplemented this way. Let's see what happens. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #SeaGullCenturyTraining #YouVsYou #biking #LLLR


August 08, 2016

Instagram Post: Doing something different just trying to change up my cardio and get extremely serious these last two months before #SeaGullCentury2016 Today I did 20 minutes on the #recumbentbike then 10 minutes on the #elliptical repeated the process three times with a 5 minute #recumbent cool down. In the end I rode 22.45 miles and was on the elliptical for 0.8 miles. I'm a sweaty mess right now. I actually was surprised at the elliptical performance because I haven't been on it in months but it just goes to show that all that #biking & #swimming has been good conditioning. Now off to work Blah! #YouVsYou #SeaGullCenturyTraining #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR


August 09, 2016

Instagram Post: Crazy, rough, physical day at work (those of you in retail will understand truck days). I was tired but I still have #SeaGullCentury2016 to think about, so I did work out. Keeping with my theme, I went #Swimming after work. 2000 yards. A lot of people in the pool at the Y tonight. Made it tough. It was an okay performance. I haven't broken down my splits yet though. Then while leaving, I noticed the bike route signs so I went exploring a bit. It actually was a trail around Stewart Park which was only 0.60 miles. That said it did have a nice view of the lake & its .60 miles I wouldn't have walked. Also, it was something I've never done before. I'd say it was a productive day overall. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #SeaGullCenturyTraining #YouVsYou #LLLR


August 11, 2016

Instagram Post: Back at it Thursday with the #recumbentbike & #elliptical Good workout. Feeling a lot better about myself since I changed up my cardio routine. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #Biking #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR


August 12, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) I went #biking today. Yes you are seeing this right, it felt like 109 degrees today. The humidity was awful. I went to Philly. Started at the Art Museum. Nobody was there. This was about 9 am. I biked right up to the Rocky Statue, went around the museum and then headed down the #schuylkillrivertrail to the #schuylkillbanksboardwalk then I made my way through #FairmountPark (stopping at South Ferry Road of course) with the intent to complete the #ValleyForgeTrail I then saw signs for #wissahickonvalleypark so I jumped on the #LincolnDriveTrail and explored two new trails. Wissahickon reminded me a lot of the Perkiomen Trail. Same crushed gravel, bridges and rivers, nice scenery. It was wider and there are many branch off trails as well. In fact there is over 50 miles of trail here. I stayed on the main path. I think I did about half of it. Then I turned around and went back. It was hot, humid, not a lot of fun at times but new trails equal new adventures. This was a little over 27 miles. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #Biking #LLLR (2) On the way home a saw a awesome parking spot at the Mint in Philly right at the base of the #BenFranklinBridge so I parked, got my bike out and biked the bridge! Last month it was a bucket list item, today it was simply for the fun of it. Another 3 miles on the day. Good views of Center City, #BattleshipNJ #camdenaquarium and #Rutgers sports complex It was hot but fun. #YouVsYou #Biking #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016
(3) While the city of #Philadelphia provides a wonderful back drop for #biking it wasn't all pretty today. Over at #wissahickonvalleypark I hit loose gravel, lost balance and BAM! down I went. The hardest I've ever hit the ground. Gashed up my shins. Made a bike adjustment to my seat then realized I had a small dent in my helmet. Safety first and I'm glad I had a helmet on. Shook everything off and then off I went. If you don't bleed you're not working hard enough right? #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR (4) Whenever I bike in Philly, I go here #SouthFerryRoad Just a way to say thanks to the band the rocked the nation for lifetime of memories they've provided (and still do). #TheHooters

The Ride: It was HOT! This time I rode right up to the Rocky Statue and nobody was there, I mean nobody. It was kinda cool actually. I did the River Banks Boardwalk agaim, thats a great time. I stopped off at South Ferry Road as I also do. This is where Philly changed for me. I went to Wissahickon Valley Park. Another place that I didn't know was there. It is large, wide, great scenery. I will go back and explore more. It was a lot of fun this day except for my crash on the Lincoln Drive Trail. Uphill, loose gravel, slow moving, down I went. I'm leaving my DNA all over the place. It looks a lot worse then it felt. I enjoy the trails so I am glad I found a new one to explore.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Schuylkill River Trail, Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, Fairmount Park, Valley Forge Trail, Wissahickon Valley Park, Lincoln Drive Trail, Ben Franklin Bridge


August 14-16, 2016

Instagram Post: It's been a few days since posting but I've been working out. #SeaGullCentury2016 will be here before I know it. Sunday I spent time in the #HomeGym on the #elliptical #recumbentbike and did some #abcrunches Monday was back in the pool for 3550 yards of #swimming Just now I finished 30 miles on the #recumbentbike Changing up the cardio has been good for me. Hoping for another exciting #biking adventure either tomorrow or Thursday but more to come on that. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


August 18, 2016

Instagram Post: #JonesFallsTrail Fun trail in #Baltimore Great scenery Was so apprehensive about bringing my bike but so glad I did. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: New scenery, new town, great little ride. Just about 18 miles in all starting and ending at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Its also part of the East Coast Greenway (which I rode in Delaware at Bellvue State Park.)

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Jones Falls Trail



the Jones Falls Trail extends 10 miles between Baltimore's Inner Harbor
and the Mount Washington Light Rail Station.

Currently, a paved, off-road section runs from Cylburn Arboretum south to Penn Station. A highlight of the journey is passage through Druid Hill Park, which offers a natural escape from city life. The park houses the Baltimore Zoo, the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, and many other historical structures.

After exiting the southeastern side of the park, the character of the trail's surroundings becomes more urban. Along the way, the Baltimore Street Car Museum is a worthwhile stop.

The on-road portion of the trail begins past Penn Station and whisks you south to the Inner Harbor, a major tourist destination with restaurants, shops, museums and other attractions. Navigating this section of the trail can be somewhat tricky; look for painted green trail markings along the ground to help guide you. Hop on the Gwynns Falls Trail at the Inner Harbor to extend your trek through southwest Baltimore.

Just before the Inner Harbor, you'll pass the Phoenix Shot Tower, a red brick pillar built in 1828 that stands more than 200 feet above downtown. Molten lead was once dropped from its top into a vat of cold water at the bottom to produce shot for pistols, rifles and other weapons. It's one of only a handful of similar buildings around the country.

The Jones Falls Trail is also part of the East Coast Greenway, a growing network of multi-use trails across 15 states and the District of Columbia.


August 18, 2016

Instagram Post:
#GwynnFallsTrail #biking #Baltimore exploring new trails, having fun. Didn't do the whole trail but about half of it. Wonderful scenery #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: New scenery, new town, great little ride. Just about 16 miles in all starting and ending at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Better scenery then the urban trail of Jones Falls. Even though I was in the city, this didn't feel that way. A great new biking experience.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Gwynns Fall Trail

The Gwynns Falls Trail is a 15-mile continuous corridor connecting dozens of west and southwest Baltimore neighborhoods with parks, historical and cultural landmarks and the urban business district. The trail leads a circuitous route through its namesake park and southeast to downtown Baltimore.

The greenway provides a fantastic off-road way for cyclists and pedestrians to access the city and urban nature corridors, including more than 2,000 acres of publicly owned land within the Gwynns Falls stream valley. The Gwynns Falls Trail generally follows the creek to the Middle Branch the Patapsco River and also Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park itself has 10 miles of natural paths.

At the Inner Harbor, you can extend your route by connecting to the Jones Falls Trail, which heads northward for another 9 miles of riding.


August 18, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) A little tease of today's #biking adventure. So much more to come. #Baltimore (2) Here is some shots of my ride through #baltimoreinnerharbor and #orioleparkatcamdenyards #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining (3) Here is some shots of my ride through #baltimoreinnerharbor and #orioleparkatcamdenyards The Inner Harbor is always majestic & look #BubbaGump #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining (4) Here is some shots of my ride through #baltimoreinnerharbor and #orioleparkatcamdenyards Final pics of the Inner Harbor & the Aquarium #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining (5) Here is some shots of my ride through #baltimoreinnerharbor and #orioleparkatcamdenyards It was hot! It was fun. Second major city I've biked through now. Very cool to city bike compared to trail biking. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining (6) Here is some shots of my ride through #orioleparkatcamdenyards #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining (7) Here is some shots of my ride through #orioleparkatcamdenyards & #M&TBankStadium #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining (8) There will be a lot more pictures on the blog but this is one of my favorite pictures from my #Baltimore #Biking trip

The Ride: This was truly fun. Riding through a major city is always such a unique experience. I worked my way from my hotel down to the inner harbor and then over to Camden Yards. This was a wonderful experience and one I would do again. 5.63 Miles.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Baltimore Inner Harbor and Camden Yards


August 18, 2016

Instagram Post: We actually did a lot of walking around Baltimore, this however was the only time I recorded it. A couple miles around our hotel during an early morning stroll. It was hot. This was prior to all the biking on the day.


August 22, 2016

Instagram Post: Beautiful skies was the perfect back drop to tonight's #biking adventure. A little over 15 miles around town. Glad I was able to sneak a ride in after work. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: It was hot. I felt okay, not great. It was bittersweet though. After exploring a new area a few days ago, biking the same old trail was somewhat of a let down. In the end however, road is road and it was good to ride.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch, Lakeland Complex, Grenloch Terrace, Nob Hill, Blenhein, Lakeview Appartments, Hilltop


August 24, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) Went on a #biking adventure today. I covered a lot of #GloucesterTownship and realized that I actually completely circled the #glouctertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail without actually riding on the trail at all. So that was kinda cool. Speaking of cool, okay 80 degrees isn't cool but it's better then the scorching heat and made for a comfortable ride. In the end I rode 40+ miles today. I'm tired but it's a nice feeling of accomplishment. #SeaGullCentury2016 #SeaGullCenturyTraining #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR (2) My #biking activity today took me past my old high school. I sent this photo to my best friend who just happens to teach in this place and he pretty much told me to go F@$k off. ?????? He only has a couple weeks of summer left and said he didn't want to think about work just yet. Understood my friend. Looks like the high school is celebrating an anniversary this year so cheers ?? to you.

The Ride: It was very cool realizing that I circled my home trail without ever being on it. It was finally cool enough to enjoy the weather. When I sweated, I knew it was from the workout, not the heat. It was also nice to see the old high school again.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Lower Landing Business Park, Timber Creek Park, Valleybrook, Timber Cove, Willow Cedar Way, Cherry Circle, The Lakes at Knoll Run, Peters Walk, Chestnut Glen, Highland Village, Highland High School, Grenloch Park Manor, Grenloch Terrace, Heatherwood, Millstream Appartmenst, Swayers Creek, Willow Ridge, Nob Hill


August 24, 2016

Instagram Post:
I'm a glutton for punishment. I used the hottest hours of the day to bike 40 miles & the walk 1.6 while doing yard work. It had to be done though.


August 27, 2016

Instagram Post: This morning I got my car serviced. So instead of sitting on my ass in the waiting room, I sat on my ass on my bike. This was an all new area for me to explore (Woolwich & Logan Townships). I spent a lot of time biking through neighborhoods or biking past farms. I did 40 miles of #biking today. Around the 30 mile mark I felt bad actually and then I saw this SALISBURY WAY street sign. It was inspiring and a reminder that #SeaGullCentury2016 is like 5 weeks away. The wind sucked at times & I seemed to bike up hill all day but very happy with the day's results. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #SeaGullCenturyTraining #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: I love exploring new areas. I knew what I was doing was a rectangle. About half way through (maybe a little less), I realized it was a short loop. I then started biking through every neighborhood I could find. I biked past many farms. About a half hour drive south of my place and its amazing just how different the scenery is. This was a fun ride. All new areas and of course I found a Salisbury sign so thats a plus.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Villages at Weatherby, Four Seasons, Woolwhich Township Municipal Building, The Oaks, Lexington Hill, Poplar Point at Weatherby, Country Crossings Town Homes, Cambridge Knoll, Hidden Creek, Old Orchard, Logan Woods Townhomes. Spruce Trail.


August 29, 2016

Instagram Post: After work #biking activity completed. I simply did the #BlackwoodEstates good for 16 miles. Time was the biggest factor. I felt great. Fast at times. Road consistent long stretches of road while consistently peddling. It felt like a #recumbentbike workout honestly. Also broke out the #SeaGullCentury jersey tonight. Less then 5 weeks now. My legs can do it, I still got to get my mind around it. #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: It was a good ride. I did feel good. This track is actually a bit boring to ride but it is a lot of miles in a compacted space which always is good for me. Wearing a Sea Gull Century jersey tonight gave me a sense of pride.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Blackwood Estates.


August 30, 2016

Instagram Post: I've felt really good (I mean REALLY GOOD) the last 3 times I was on my bike. Maybe it's a bit cooler? Maybe I just have a little more confidence? Maybe I'm just in better shape? I do know it's therapeutic. I've had a mentally exhausting past five days (including 2 funerals) so the escapism of life on my bike has been a godsend. 15 miles of #biking activity around my neighborhood and the 3 adjacent ones. Crazy cool skies was a nice backdrop. I think I might finally be mentally ready for #SeaGullCentury2016 I love posting holiday pics on my blog (it breaks up the bike pictures). Tonight is a special day. A long time ago I did a lot of film and tv production. My buddies and I made a movie. On this night, 25 years ago, we had our movie premiere. So for many people, this date August 30th holds a special place in their hearts. #BuddyBoysTheMovie #SeaGullCenturyTraining #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: Crazy skies, mild temperature and the anniversary of my first movie made for a great mindset tonight. Just a spin through the neighborhoods but always feels good to get out and ride.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch Park Manor, Grenloch, Grenloch Terrace, Liberty Park


August 31, 2016

Instagram Post: To late to get in a ride after work so I ended the month with some laps in the pool. 3000 yards worth of laps to be specific. I felt really good actually. I've had good workouts all work. It's good to change things up. Also pool not crowded so that helps a lot. #Swimming #SeaGullCenturyTraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR