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December 01, 2016

Instagram Post: Some days all you do is work. Those days I track steps. 9100 today #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


December 02, 2016

Instagram Post: Well it was a day. Honestly I feel awful. I have for a couple days now. Maybe I caught a bug, maybe I'm overdoing things I don't know. I did put up 4000 yards #swimming tonight. That was fine. I then tried the #elliptical for 5 miles and that's where things went downhill. I decided to cool down on the #recumbentbike but my inner voice said, go faster so when I finished the modest 15 miles I really felt like crap. I usually always feel better after doing cardio, tonight however that's not the case. Still glad I did something though. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 03, 2016

Instagram Post: A very windy Saturday December morning. Wind is my enemy while #biking but I'm not off in daylight hours much this time of year so no excuses, get out there and ride. Speaking of riding, I ran into #SantaClaus today on my epic adventure but he brought an entirely different type of bike to the party HO HO HO! Beautiful scenery around Grenloch Lake and parts throughout my journey. More pictures on the blog later. As far as the ride, 28.5 miles today. Slow pace do to the wind but health wise I feel fine. After my post yesterday about not feeling well after working out, I crashed. Slept for 12 hours. It's what my body needed. Happy with today's results. I really love riding my bike. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR (2) mwmoweryOne more from today's #biking adventure, Hanging at the train ?? in downtown Blackwood. In addition to the 28 mile ride, I managed over 11,000 steps with all my running around today. Now sleep. Yep 9 O'clock on a Saturday night and I said sleep. That's how I roll these days. Until tomorrow and beyond #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: Felt good to be out on a bike as opposed to indoor activities. The wind sucked however. I basically road the trail then hit all the neighborhoods on the way back home. A good ride, familiar ride, but good nonetheless. Great scenery out there today.

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December 04, 2016

Instagram Post: Some days are just work days. Those days is just count steps kinda days. I'm ok with this (at least for a day) #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 05, 2016

Instagram Post: After work cardio activity tonight. First up 4000 yards in pool #swimming laps at the Y. I attempted to try some butterfly tonight, I sucked at it in High School & College and yes still suck at it now. I then hit the #elliptical at home for 6 miles. Finally, 9200 steps on the day at work. It was a nice well rounded day. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


December 06, 2016

Instagram Post: A little late getting this up. Work today, fighting with my web hosting provider the past couple hours, a lot of steps were walked working & reliving stress. That's my day. How was yours. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR


December 07, 2016

Instagram Post: #biking today. Honestly it wasn't that bad out there. Mid 40s, some wind but overall it was pretty nice. I did a oldie but a goodie route today. The #gloucesterpremiumoutlets parking lot, #CamdenCountyCollege #gloucestertownshipcommunitypark loop plus a little extra in order to get to 20 miles. While at the park, I went to the #GloucesterTownshipVeteransMemorial seemed appropriate as today this nation remembers #PearlHarbor I love incorporating holidays or historical dates into my blog posts and today is a history day. Makes my use of the #LLLR tag that much more meaningful. I also got in about 8000 steps while running around. I'm in for the night now. Until next time. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: Cold day. Felt really good. Fun ride. The Instagram Post says it all. It also appeared like it was going to rain, but it never did. I love getting outside riding the bike.

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December 08, 2016

Instagram Post: A work day, also national Christmas tree day? Whatever. 9100 steps. Tomorrow is another day. Best wishes all. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


December 09, 2016

Instagram Post: Just walking around work and then in Philly at night


December 10, 2016

Instagram Post: Day 1 of vacation. It's 20 degrees outside, here's a brilliant idea, go #biking I did the #BlackwoodEstates circuit so that's 15.5 miles. A guy yelled to me inquiring how I was doing this because it was so cold out, my reply, KEEP PEDALING!! Also plenty of layers of clothes. I must really enjoy riding my bike. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR

The Ride: The coldest day of the year for my biking adventures. Layers upon layers of clothes. I was protected for the most part but socks were an issue as my feet froze. Honestly I would have have done a little more but the fingers and toes said otherwise. I moved slow, but felt good. This was definitely a mind over matter kinda day.

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December 11, 2016

Instagram Post: Vacation day 2 - Another cold one but 10 degrees warmer then yesterday & there was relatively no wind so that's a major win. I put up 20+ miles staying close to home hitting some neighborhoods I haven't been through in a while. Felt good. Making the most out of each and every day. #biking #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: Warmer then yesterday but far from warm. I hit neighborhoods I have biked through many times before but also stayed close to home. Still a bit numb in the fingers and toes but riding is always enjoyable. I am suprised the roads are holding up so well this time of year.

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December 12, 2016

Instagram Post: Day 3 of vacation - the plan was to go outside and bike everyday, however the rain this morning did not allow that to happen. Instead I went to the pool for som lap #swimming 4000 yards today and felt really good. It was good using those muscles again. I am making an effort to swim a couple times a week this winter at least. I did but in 20 miles on the #recumbentbike for good measure as well. Just staying active while I have the time to do it. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR


December 13, 2016

Instagram Post: Low temperatures but high humidity actually made for a nice ride. 33+ miles today focused on large neighborhoods with a lot of streets because that mileage adds up quick. Noticing a Christmas decoration pattern of mostly inflatables. I'll have to do my midnight madness ride next week to see the lights I suppose. My legs are sore but overall I feel great (but tired). A power nap is in my future today. #biking #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: The road felt good at times but also a struggle at times. There was definetly some resistance on this trip which made the quads burn. I did well to stay local but also explore more of communities I've only roughly gone through. The humidity today offset the cold temperature so overall it wasn't a bad ride. Today just showed me that there is so much to explore in my own backyard that I haven't yet. A good ride.

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December 14, 2016

Instagram Post: Changing things up everyday (especially after a long ride yesterday). Today was back in the pool for 3000 yards of #swimming Then back home I did 2 miles on the #elliptical (actually had to operate on the machine as the wires came loose and the display went off) All good now though. Maximizing my vacation time off this week to jumpstart a routine after the holidays. I will say my are definitely sore this week. A lot going on tomorrow so it may be a day off (My body could use the rest anyway). Until next time #biking #FightForIt FitDontQuit YouVsYou #LLLR



December 15, 2016

Instagram Post: This morning I gave it a try. Taking on my mortal enemy the wind head on. The wind was blowing at 21 mph which made it feel like 9 degrees. 9! Needless to say Wind 1 - Mike 0. I got in 5 miles of #biking before I decided to go to the pool. Just look at the flag collage, the wind was angry today my friends. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. It was beyond cold. Beyond windy. Today I entered into a new kind of crazy. Thats all I have to say about todays adventure. The cold wouldn't be an issue, but the wind, that was bad.

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Instagram Post: Better results #swimming today. 3000 yards. Felt good. The cold has been tough on my joints so this helps. Good pace, not crowded, good work out. So much better then the cold & wind. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


December 16, 2016

Instagram Post: I learned my lesson yesterday. It's colder today then yesterday. Still in single digits. So I turned to the #HomeGym for 20 miles of #recumbentbike #biking and 4 miles of #elliptical work. These are my additional steps at the time of this post. I can't see many more today. If it snows tomorrow like they say, mountain bike and fun shall be had! Until then #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 17, 2016

Instagram Post: Last day of vacation. I'm proud of myself that I found a way to work out everyday. Some #homegym activities, some #swimming & some outdoor #biking I was going to go outside biking if it was just snow but it is still freezing rain and ice everywhere. There is fun and there is safety. I opted instead to ride the #recumbentbike for 30 miles. Now to be lazy the rest of the day. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 18, 2016

Instagram Post: First day back to work and it sucked. Very stressed. I walked 7300 steps at work which is okay. The ironic thing here is that last week while off I only walked 12000 steps (okay i did a lot of other exercise but it's interesting to see how much I actually walk while working). #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #10000steps


December 19, 2016

Instagram Post: So before work in Monday I hit the pool for some #swimming 3000 yards today at the Y. Then I was busy at work so I got in #10000steps also. Crazy day. Productive day. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 20, 2016

Instagram Post: Just completed my #MidnightMadness #Biking adventure. This is now becoming a tradition to go out and see the Christmas decorations around the neighborhood. 13+ miles tonight/this morning. Always a fun ride. I know I'm down a bunch of weight from this point last year but damn, I don't remember being this cold at all. I guess it's a good problem to have. Plenty more pictures on the blog later. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR #MerryChristmas

The Ride: Cold. I wasn't as impressed this year as last year with the midnight madness to see the Christmas lights and decorations. It was still nice but it seemed like many houses just didn't do anything (not complaining I've haven't done anything in years). There were some really creative houses and I hope I capured them. The ride was fine, no traffic, no people that is always best.

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December 20, 2016

Instagram Post: After my #MidnightMadness ride last night/this morning, I woke up and did 20 miles on the #recumbentbike In addition 6200 steps at work is how I rounded out my day. 20 days into the month, 21 workouts in some form. #10000steps #biking #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 21, 2016

Instagram Post: A day off. The first day of winter (seriously hasn't it been winter for a while now?) Oh well, we are one day closer to summer! Temperature was decent. I got in 23 miles of #biking activity. I did some new neighborhoods and some old neighborhoods all in all a decent ride. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: More poor bike. It slipped gears so much today. So cold. It got me where I neaded to be however. Some neighborhoods I haven't been in for a while plus a new one as well as a street I was never on. The temperature was not an issue but for some reason, inclines today were not my friend. I think the coldness was a factor.

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December 22, 2016

Instagram Post: Day off from work but not from #biking Had to get some car maintenance done so it gave me an opportunity to bike in Logan Township again. I went through some new areas down there. I've noticed there are really big neighborhoods which is great for adding mileage but staying in a compressed area. The wind was a challenge at times but overall it was a good ride. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou

The Ride: I was sore from yesterday still so this started off rough. I headed up Beckett Road and very early on realized that there is a ton of street in a very compact space here. It is mostly flat in this area which I really welcomed. At times the wind killed me, but the temperature was actually very nice today. There is a lot more area to explore down here. My next visit will be in the spring so I will have much better weather. My bike is slipping gears a lot right now due to the cold. It will definitely need a tune up before summer.

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December 23, 2016

Instagram Post: Before work I hit the pool for 3000 yards of #swimming laps at the Y. I felt slow, I cramped, but I plowed through it. A good sense of accomplishment. I then managed 8000 steps at work. Quick turnaround then working all day tomorrow before a couple days off. #10000steps #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR


December 24, 2016

Instagram Post: It was a long 12 hour day at work. Obviously I walked a ton at work. 13 thousand steps. Now spending time with the family for the Christmas holiday. Best wishes all. #10000steps #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


December 25, 2016

Instagram Post: It may be Christmas but I still got in a walk today. Spent quality time with the sister (@crobromo) walking through her neighborhood and the adjacent one. A little over 3 miles. (almost 7000 steps) Now back to the holiday festivities (see the upper right picture) My normal hashtags do not apply today, but honestly that's why I do everything so that I can enjoy some time with the family and enjoy life. #ItsOnlyOneDay #EnjoyYourLife #MerryChristmas

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December 26, 2016


December 27, 2016


December 28, 2016


December 29, 2016


December 30, 2016