2016 March 01 Swimming, Walking (work)   2016 March 16 GTWP Health & Wellness Trail, Walking (work)
2016 March 02 Blackwood, Recumbent Bike, Walking (work)   2016 March 17 Grenloch - Lake, Park, Neighborhoods
2016 March 03 Swimming   2016 March 19 Recumbent Bike
2016 March 04 Swimming   2016 March 20 GTWP Community Park, Off Road, CCC, Grenloch Park Manor
2016 March 05 Recumbent Bike   2016 March 21 GTWP Health & Wellness Trail, + Neighborhoods
2016 March 05 Walking (PA - Reserve at Perkiomen Greene, Silver Leaf)   2016 March 22 Valleybrook + Neighborhoods
2016 March 06 Walking (PA - Reserve at Perkiomen Greene, Silver Leaf)   2016 March 23 Downtown Blackwood Neighborhoods
2016 March 09 GTWP Health & Wellness Trail + , Walking (work)   2016 March 25 GTWP Health & Wellness Trail, + Neighborhoods
2016 March 10 Grenloch - Lake, Park, Neighborhoods + Walking (work)   2016 March 25 Grenloch + Turnersville + Washington TWP Neighborhoods
2016 March 11 Walking (work)   2016 March 26 Cherry Hill, Monroe + TWP Bikeway + GTWP Health & Wellness Trail
2016 March 12 Blackwood Estates +   2016 March 27 GTWP Health & Wellness Trail, + Neighborhoods
2016 March 13 Washington Twp, Deptford   2016 March 29 Grenloch + Recumbent Bike
2016 March 14 Recumbent Bike, Walking (work)   2016 March 29 Timber Creek Park (Walking)
2016 March 15 Walking (work)   Final Stats  


March 01, 2016

Instagram Post: Yesterday was a #biking day. Today was a #swimming day. 3350 yards & 9421 in steps at work. Back at it and it feels wonderful #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #fitness #seagullcenturytraining #LLLR


March 02, 2016

Instagram Post: Today we returned to #biking adventures. 23mph winds made for quite an adventure. It only lasted 6 miles (the wind won today my friends) then I returned home and did 20 miles on the #recumbentbike I did the #pedometer thing at work & honestly thought I walked more then I did. Anyway #FitDontQuit #FightForIt just get out there & do it!

The Ride: Well, I've biked in extra hot, cold, snow, rain, many different terrain's but this was all together different. 23 mile per hour wind made it nearly impossible to stay on the bike. I basically stuck to main roads. My loop was no more then two miles from home. It was another memorable moment in these biking adventures.


March 03, 2016

Instagram Post: It was a #swimming day today. 1hr 2min - 3000 yards. Not as fast as I used to be but not terribly slow. I swam continuously for an hour so that was impressive to me anyway. I'm liking this every other day #swimming #biking thing I'm doing. Feel good today (now off to work). #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR


March 04, 2016

Instagram Post: It was supposed to be a #biking day but turned into a #swimming day. Another 3000 yards in the pool. Almost identical time as yesterday. Even got the lifeguard to film me for a 50 yard free! #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


March 05, 2016

Instagram Post: Was going to hit some trails in PA but woke up really early so I simply road the #recumbentbike for 30 miles. It was probably the wiser choice considering the temperature outside. Can't wait for a little break in the weather. At any rate, up early, workout done. Now I have the whole weekend to celebrate my birthday! #biking #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016


March 05, 2016

Instagram Post: After the #biking this morning, this spontaneous #walking adventure also happened. Walking around the nephews neighborhood (while they were sleeping). Always finding ways to stay active. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt


March 06, 2016

Instagram Post: Another quick little #walking adventure in PA on the birthday! Pretty much the same places as yesterday #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


March 09, 2016

Instagram Post: mwmowerySimply gorgeous day out there today. Good day for a #biking adventure. 22 miles on the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail + surrounding neighborhoods. Felt good peddling. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR


March 10, 2016

Instagram Post: 1) So if you saw my earlier tweet, #MindOverBody won. Today's #biking adventure was #Grenloch, #GrenlochLake & the #GrenlochLeashedDogPark (didn't even know the dog park was there (half mile from my house #WhoKnew)) 12 miles, a lot of off road work today. The scenery didn't suck either. Beautiful day. Glad I went out. Plenty of pictures for the blog as well. Also, sporting some #SalisburyUniversity gear as this is #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR #FightForIt #FitDontQuit 2) mwmowerySome of the off road pics from today's #biking adventure More to come on the blog later #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #SeaGullCentury2016 #seagullcenturytraining #LLLR

I also put in 6853 steps at work


March 11, 2016


March 12, 2016

Instagram Post: This morning's #biking adventure was #BlackwoodEstates + surrounding neighborhoods I got in 20 miles this morning before work. Nice day, little breeze. This was all road work through neighborhoods. Not much in the scenery front to look at. A good ride though. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR


March 13, 2016

Instagram Post: Wasn't the best weather conditions today but I did squeeze in a #biking adventure of 21 miles. Doing my tour of the towns thing still, this was pretty much Deptford / Washington Twp. All places I've been before. Here's the highlights with more details on the blog later. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #SeaGullCentury2016 #seagullcenturytraining #LLLR


March 14, 2016

Instagram Post: Rain today. Was going to swim today but forgot my bag so I came home and ride the #recumbentbike instead. Good workout. I'm in a new smaller store so my steps are down but hey, it's still activity. #biking #10000steps #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #SeaGullCentury2016 #seagullcenturytraining #LLLR


March 15, 2016

March 16, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) Today's #biking adventure was the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail twice & a little bit extra to get to 15 miles. The dark clouds when I started was a bit troubling. I did not beat the rain as it started around the 12 mile mark. Then I thought, I biked in the snow so why the hell not finish. (Actually not a tough decision as I had to get home). Always an adventure out there. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #SeaGullCentury2016 #seagullcenturytraining #LLLR (2) While #biking tonight on this desolate stretch of the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail under the doom & gloom of dark skies, @leedewyzeofficial 'Blackbird Song' from @amcthewalkingdead came on my iPod. Talk about gaining an emotional connection to a song, I swear I now know how Bob felt walking down that road in Season 4, Episode 13. The power of music compels you. My environment was perfect for this song at this time in place. Amazing tune Lee. I experienced it an entirely new way tonight. #MadProps

And not to mention my almost 9000 steps at work today. Feeling good.


March 17, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) Tried to beat the rain on today's #biking adventure I beat the thunderstorm, but not the rain. Second straight day of getting rained on, i should've gone #swimming At any rate, #Grenloch #GrenlochLake #grenlochleasheddogpark #GrenlochTerrace & #GrenlochParkManor was the ride today. Would've done more off road work but didn't want to get stuck in the woods during a thunderstorm. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR (2) Since I forgot it was #StPatricksDay Here is an updated #biking collage #DontDrinkAndBike


March 19, 2016

30 Miles on the recumbent bike after work today. Just one of those put on the headphone and zone kinda days. It was just a way to keep the blood circulating. The winter was hard, sometimes its difficult to maintain focus. Just pedaling because that's what I enjoy doing. Trying to do the right thing here.


March 20, 2016

Instagram Post: Just did 20 miles of off road #biking at the #GloucesterTownshipCommunityPark My legs are dead. Spring? My ass it's Spring, it was cold out there. Hard to see here, better pics on the blog later. Fun Day! Dirty Day! Sometimes you just have to play while you work out #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR

The Ride: Okay so today I had a clear plan of what I wanted to do which is so unlike me when I set out. I knew I would bike over to the Gloucester Township Community Park to do a little off road biking. The fact that there was an 11 mph wind plus temperatures in the 30s made for a cold day. I realized I didn't want to be on the road with that wind hitting me in the face more then I had to. My intention was to go around the park then head back over to Grenloch Lake and go through the Leashed Dog Park as well. It didn't quite work that way. I actually spent a great deal of time exploring the trails inside the park. I know high schools use this facility for cross country so I knew there was multiple trails. Every time I was in here before I explored the park side but today I ventured toward the college side. There was so many trails back there. I really wish Google Maps could get a better view. I tried to capture a lot of it. In addition, about halfway through my ride, I went to the Park itself and did the 2 mile loop 2 1/2 times. On the way home I biked around the college and my neighborhood to get to the 20 mile mark. Overall, this was a fun day to be on a bike.


March 21, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) Hitting the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail before it gets dark. Damn wind. Should have worn pants not shorts. It'll be a cold one #SeaGullCentury2016 #seagullcenturytraining #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR (2) After work #biking adventure was the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail + a couple neighborhoods. It started with a sunset & ended with the moon rising. Now here's the thing, I've biked in extreme heat, snow, rain & temperatures in the teens with no real issues. Tonight I found my Achilles heel WIND! 22mph at time kicked my ass a bit but I powered through it #MindOverBody #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR

The Ride: 22 mph wind really made things miserable. That said, the sun setting and the moon rising made for a beautiful view. I did the Gloucester Township Health and Wellness Trail twice. I finished by biking through Liberty Park, Lakeland Terrace Appartments and Grenloch Park Manor to reach 15 miles. It was a nice, quick ride. Really liking this daylight savings time and that my work commute is under 10 minutes allowing me to work out even on work days.

March 22, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) My after work #biking adventure was 16 miles. I basically went out to #valleybrook Country Club & back while hitting a few neighborhoods along the way. The wind wasn't as bad as last night. Felt great tonight, best in a while. Not to mention the 11,000 steps at work. Not a bad day. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR #10000steps

The Ride: 16.59 miles. My intention was to bike out to Valleybrook Country Club and then onto Timber Creek Park for more off road adventures. Time however was a factor so I made the decision not to go out farther but instead hit a couple neighborhoods on the way home. This also allowed me to bike Woodmill Drive for the first time and I always like biking new places so this worked out. Also had the opportunity to bike through Highland Park, Highland Village and Chestnut Glen again. This ride also took me past the church I went to as a child. Haven't been inside it in many years but it was still nice to see it.


March 23, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) Closing the store tonight so already did my #biking this morning. I was never more then 2 miles from home but managed to find 25 miles worth of road to bike on. Let's just say it's the greater #Blackwood area. More on the blog later today. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR

The Ride: 25 miles this morning. All in neighborhoods within two miles of my home. Blackwood Estates, Historic Blackwood, Liberty Park, Railroad Ave, etc. It's amazing that so much road is compressed into such a limited space. I've covered these neighborhoods many times. I know them well. It was a good day and I'm pleased I broke the 25 mile barrier. It had been a while.


March 25, 2016

Instagram Post: Working a mid shift today so I got up early to get a little #biking in this morning. 15 miles, stayed close to home. A little rain, a little wind but temperature wise it was nice. Also today was the day when I was grateful for caring a tool kit. Handle bars became very loose, but all better now. Maybe I'll be able to do something after work as well. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR

The Ride: I woke up early to get a little work in before work. I knew I would battle the elements of wind and rain but at this point I have done it before so I am used to it. I also knew time would be a factor so I intended only to do my normal Grenloch / Grenloch Terrace warm up (which is now 5 miles) followed by the Gloucester Township Health and Wellness Trail. I did have a little extra time, so I did the Hill Top neighborhood has well. On the way home just to round out the mileage I rode through Liberty Park, Lakeland Terrace & Grenloch Park Manor.

I actually had an emergency repair today so like stated above, I was glad I invested in a multi tool kit. It came in handy today. Also, as a side note, a couple was walking there dog (a large Doberman which at one point was unleashed. Now, the dog was fine. In fact, usually the larger dogs I see are, its the little ones with the big bark that always create issues. My point though, no matter how well your dog is trained, please keep it on a leash. If that dog wanted to, it definitely would have done damage to me.


March 25, 2016

Instagram Post: My intention was to do some #swimming after work tonight. The pool however was closed. I should have checked the schedule. So I went out #biking again. My second adventure of the day. Went to some new places & some old places over these 16 miles. Also captured some nice pictures of the sunset. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR

The Ride: 16 more miles tonight. I intended to do a box/square loop but ended up doing a few neighborhoods. Took the Black Horse Pike to Wilson Road. Followed that out to Hurffville Road. Turned right onto Egg Harbor Road and that's where the neighborhood fun began. I went through Windsor Forest (new to me) which is practically mansions. Then onto The Hunt Club, which I had biked before. Continuing down Hurffville Road I turned right onto County House. Here I went through Heatherwood (an adult community that I had biked before as well.) Back on County House, I turned right onto Mt Pleasant Road. Here is where I picked up the Surrey Lake neighborhood. I worked my way through here and eventually back out to County House Road. This leads me into the Lakeland Complex. Left onto County House Road and a right onto Lakeland Road brings me home. Did the traditional cool down around Grenloch Park Manor. A fun ride, some new places but places I haven't been in a while so it was good seeing something different.


March 26, 2016

Instagram Post: (1) Happy Easter to me #biking (2) Today was truly a #biking adventure. Went riding with a buddy in Cherry Hill but first we went to a shop. Its good to know people who know people. Long story short I got a new ride today. Then proceeded to bike 6 miles in Cherry Hill, 13 on the #MonroeTownshipBikeway in Williamstown & 13 more miles on the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail & Grenloch. 32 miles total and on average my new bike had me going about 5 mph faster. No turning back now, #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #biking #LLLR

The Ride: (1) Cherry Hill: Went through a couple neighborhoods around my buddies house as we broke in the new bike. I would have explored these neighborhoods more but he had other commitments and honestly, never thought I'd buy a bike today and that took time. That said, I will come back here at some point just to explore this area more. A lot of untapped potential up here for me to ride on. (2) The Monore Township Bikeway. I haven't been on this trail since October 2015. Its amazing what a difference better equipment makes. I completed this 13 mile trail in under an hour (under 50 minutes), and on average I went almost 5 mph faster then I did the previous time I biked this trail. (3) I came home and rode The Gloucester Township Health and Wellness Trail plus some neighborhoods to reach another 13 miles. Just getting the feel of the bike comparing it to how I feel doing the same trails on my mountain bike. Its a major upgrade. I'm very happy with this purchase. Looking to crush last summers numbers on the bike now.


March 27, 2016

Instagram Post: #HappyEaster I intended to go out for a little ride, that turned into 30 miles Oops. Need a couple adjustments but otherwise really like my new bike. 1/3 of the way to a century today so I'm working towards endurance. By October I'll be ready for #SeaGullCentury2016 #biking #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #LLLR

The Ride: 30 miles today covering basically the Gloucester Township Health and Wellness trail and its neighborhoods. I also went back to Surrey Lake and through the Lakeland Complex a bit. Getting used to this new bike. I'm liking the smooth ride and the increase speed. The shifting and braking is taking a while to figure out though.

It was a holiday so I went in search of appropriate Easter decorations as I do like to capture the holidays. Found a few, not the best but who am I to complain, I don't put anything up. A good day out there on the road.


March 29, 2016

Instagram Post: So today I faced my dreaded enemy the WIND! It was quite uncomfortable at times so I did 7 miles but continued my workout on the #recumbentbike bike for another 25 miles. It was good to shake it up a bit. Probably should have gone to the pool. Live and Learn. #biking #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #seagullcenturytraining #SeaGullCentury2016 #LLLR

The Ride: A 14mph wind made this an uncomfortable riding day. In fact I omnly did my normal warm up with a bit extra. It was all Grenloch and Grenloch Terrace. I did bike through the dog park but only the paved road. I had the wrong bike with me for off road activities. I then returned home and put in 25 miles on the recumbent bike.


March 29, 2016

Instagram Post: So I drive past this park everyday. Today I came here in my lunch break. Not big enough to bike in but I did walk a mile around it. Better then sitting on my ass I guess. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #walking


Timber Creek Park – Deptford, Gloucester County, NJ

Distance: 0.6 of a mile total
Type: Connecting loops
Difficulty: 2 of 10 – small amount of elevation change
Total score: 3 of 10

Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Forest and marsh along Timber Creek

Trailheads – Two, one in the middle of the parking lot and one on the South end.
Trailhead 1 – 39°48’53.76?N, 75° 5’28.98?W
Trailhead 2 – 39°48’52.01?N, 75° 5’28.25?W