2016 November 02 Washington Township   2016 November 16 Blackwood
2016 November 05 Blackwood Estates, Highland neighborhoods   2016 November 16 Salisbury University (walking)
2016 November 05 Palmer Park   2016 November 17 Walking (work)
2016 November 05 Swimming YMCA   2016 November 18 Swimming YMCA, Walking (work)
2016 November 06 Washington Township   2016 November 19 Gloucester Twp Health & Wellness Trail + neighborhoods, Walking (work)
2016 November 07 Collegeville, Trappe, Perkiomen Township   2016 November 20 Walking - Timber Creek Park + (work)
2016 November 09 Swimming YMCA   2016 November 21 Recumbent Bike + Walking (work)
2016 November 09 Recumbent Bike   2016 November 22 Walking (work)
2016 November 10 Gloucester Twp Health & Wellness Trail + neighborhoods   2016 November 23 Swimming YMCA, Elliptical, Walking (work)
2016 November 11 Swimming YMCA   2016 November 24 Blackwood Estates, Clementon
2016 November 14 Midnight Madness: Blackwood Estates   2016 November 25 Walking (work)
2016 November 15 Swimming YMCA   2016 November 27 Walking (work)
2016 November 15 Pedometor   2016 November 28 Recumbent Bike, Elliptical, Walking (work)
2016 November 16 Cinnaminson, Moorestown   2016 November 29 Swimming YMCA + Walking (work)
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November 02, 2016

Instagram Post: Day off today so I took advantage of the 70 degree weather in November and went for a little #biking adventure. Well four hours I ended up #biking 50+ miles. I went to some old places and some new places but I was just happy being out there. I wonder who designed some of these neighborhoods I went through because the layouts make no rational sense what so ever. At least it keeps it interesting. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: Some days you map out a plan. You then get lost on said plan. You then bike neighborhoods to try and get back on said plan. Said plan becomes a new plan where you realize that 50 miles is definitely going to happen so you adjust plan to get as close to home when you hit the 50 mile mark. That was this day. In and out of multiple communities and parks. Beautiful day outside. Just an enjoyable ride all things considered.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch Park Manor, Grenloch, Grenloch Terrace, Pine Ridge Ct, The Greens, Mackenzie Ct, Raymond Drive, Carrington Ct, Sallinger Ct, Salina Hills, Wedgewood, Heritage Valley, Canterbury Mews, Washington Lake Park, Twin Ponds, Washington Place.


November 05, 2016

Instagram Post: All I did today was exercise! The many faces of me today. My friends this is as close as I will ever, EVER come to a #triathlon I started my day with a 22 mile bike ride around town and even went to my old high school. The wind kicked my ass a bit but the ride was good. Next up I went over to the #YMCA First I hit #PalmerPark and I tried #Running but honestly it's not my thing. Let's say I power walked / half assed jogged 2.5 miles. Finally I jumped in the pool. It's been a while so I just wanted to get me feet wet (pun intended). I did 2000 yards. I haven't looked at my splits yet but I think I did okay in the pool. So it was my day of 2s. 22 bike 2 walk 2000 swim. That brings us to the lower right picture, yes I deserve a beer tonight! #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR Great sense of accomplishment today. As I write this I'm telling you, the beer is cold and refreshing!

The Day: The was good. The Blackwood Estates track with the Highland Park, Highland Village, Chestnut Glen loop as a bonus. Its a lot of milage in a small space. Good for getting in and out and done. Thats not to say there isnt resistance on this ride but overall its a good quality ride. I had my fastest swim split since college and also my slowest. By the end of the day my legs were dead. Felt great being in the pool again.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Blackwood Estates, Highland Village, Highland Park, Chestnut Glen, Brooklyn Ct, Palmer Park

Power Walking / Jogging at Palmer Park


November 06, 2016

Instagram Post: The day after a trifecta of workout domination I encountered my old enemy "The Wind" and it kicked my ass. Actually I should have listened to my body and relaxed but I'm on vacation this week so I'm going to bike a lot. At any rate, 15 miles of #biking on this #daylightsavings day so my extra hour was indeed on my bike. Speaking of my bike, an epic achievement happened. I bought this bike on Easter Weekend (March 26, 2016) which was 32 weeks ago. Today I went over the 2000 mile mark on the bike. That's just crazy. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: Felt sore and had dead legs. Probably should have rested today. 16 mph winds blowing directly in my face did not make for a great experience either. 15 miles is still 15 miles. On this day I did go over the 2000 mile mark on my bike which is only 32 weeks old so thats very exciting.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch Park Manor, Grenloch, Grenloch Terrace, Pine Ridge Ct, The Greens, Mackenzie Ct, Raymond Drive, Carrington Ct, Sallinger Ct, Salina Hills, Wedgewood, Heritage Valley, Canterbury Mews, Washington Lake Park, Twin Ponds, Washington Place.


November 07, 2016

Instagram Post: Spending a few vacation days visiting the family in PA. While everyone was in school and/or working, I was #biking Let me say, Collegeville is not flat, like at all. I set a new elevation record of 2000 feet. I swear all I did was bike up hills. In the end, I biked 32 miles through a lot of communities in this area. I just did something different then the normal #perkiomentrail rides (although I was on it for a little stretch). A quality day on the bike #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR

The Ride: I always ride the trails in PA so today I wanted to do something a little different and I rode through neighborhoods. After today, I'll never bitch about how flat or not NJ is. I set a record for elevation and thats insane. I always seemed as though I was pedaling up hill. It was a tough work out. I did feel good though. Also, I have a decent sense of direction but there were times that I just could not comprehend where I was.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Cranberry Estates, Barrington Estates, Perkiomen Valley High School, Perkiomen Valley Middle School East, Perkiomen Greene, Reserve at Perkiomen Greene, Regency Knoll, Silver Leaf, South Elementary, Hunsberger Woods, Northern Star Farm, Ursinus College, Collegeville Boro, Collegeville Glen, Weatherlea, Perkiomen Trail, Commons Lane, Adams Lane


November 09, 2016

Instagram Post: It's not supposed to rain on my vacation! That aside, I got up today to see the results of #election2016 and thought to myself that change is internal. Start with yourself and the rest will come. Still trying to better myself and have a more optimistic view on life. Since it was raining I went to the #YMCA to do some laps. I did well. Great split time for me & 2500 yards. Feeling good in the pool again is boosting my confidence. After taking care of some business, I decided to ride the #recumbentbike just to keep the muscle memory going. 30 more miles of #biking done! I challenge everyone to find one thing to be optimistic and/or proud of today and build on that. We are a great support group for each other. Until the next time #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 10, 2016

Instagram Post: A chilly day & a modest 12 miles of #biking Took the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail out and hit a few side streets on the way in. They're not always exciting updates. The point is I did it. Actually my body is just tired, I've worked hard all week on my vacation. I'm happy with the results thus far. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: It was not the best of days. I felt tired and had dead legs. I knew early on that this would not be a long ride. I hit the trail and then a few neighborhoods on the way back just to increase the mileafe a bit. The trail, at times looked beautiful with the fall colors but the leaves on the trail made it difficult to naviagte at times. The township needs to get out here and clean.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Lakeview Appartments, Hilltop, Gloucester Township Midget Football, Liberty Park, Blackwood Terrace, Grenloch Park Manor



November 11, 2016

Instagram Post: Almost to the end of my #vacation week and still going strong at jumpstarting a new routine. The temperature is great today but winds up to 14mph would be an unpleasant #biking adventure so I hit the pool. 3350 yards of #swimming this morning. My pace was slower then it's been all week but my distance increased (and I know my body is tired, so I'm not beating myself up). Happy that the endurance is coming back. Wishing all a happy #VeteransDay #RemembranceDay Just remember we all have the same goal and that's to better ourselves not compete against each other hence #YouVsYou Until next time #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


November 14, 2016

Instagram Post: Sometimes I just feel #InspiredToRide Beautiful night. The moon is aw inspiring tonight (when the clouds allow you to see it.) I think that's why I went #biking Haven't done the #midnightmadness ride in a while so this was great. I did an abridged Blackwood Estates + but did it as safely as possible. No major roads (unless on a sidewalk) which cut down the mileage a little but this wasn't about working out, it was about embracing the desire to ride in the moonlight. 15 miles isn't to bad. Also on a personal note it's #NationalPickleDay That's a personal family thing & I love holiday pics on my blog so there you go. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: I like biking at night. There is a peaceful feeling about it. No traffic, no sound, just the noise of the tire on the road. Its tranquility at its finest. The moon is inspiring. Whenever there is a full or supermoon, I am drawn to the outdoors. Just really enjoyed this ride.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Blackwood Estates



November 15, 2016

Instagram Post: Pre work workout #swimming laps in the pool this morning. 3000 yards. Pace was a little slow but overall it was a good workout. Trying to find times when the pool has minimal amount of people is the key, but that means I'd go at weird times. Oh well, all in a day's adventures #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


November 15, 2016

Instagram Post: Downloaded a new toy for my exercise tracking arsenal. It's a #pedometer app that just always runs in the background, does not use a lot of battery power and seems to work pretty well. I've not had good luck with other pedometers and other apps drain the phone. After three days, the results are pretty consistent so at least I have a solid tool for comparison. I was curious what i walk while at work and this seems to do the job. One more stat for me to blog about now haha. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 16, 2016

Instagram Post: Interesting day today. I had an appointment early so I brought my bike along. I rode in a new town and new neighborhoods in New Jersey. When I got home, I dusted off the mountain bike and hit the adjacent neighborhood as well. In all about 20 miles of #biking activity on the day. I also went to Maryland for a #SalisburyUniversity Alumni Board of Directors meeting tonight. I got to campus early so I walked around (a lot). I got in 7000 steps. I then went over to the pool. It's been a long time since I've been in those waters. I spent many an hour #swimming laps in this pool and it hasn't changed a bit. I watched a little of the team practice before I walked through the rest of #Maggs and checked out the Championship Trophy case & the impressive National Championship trophy case. Instead of my signature #biking selfie, I present a selfie with #HollowayHall one of the signature buildings on campus. It was a fun day. I found the time to better myself and reminisce. That's a pretty quality day. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR #SU

The Ride: New areas are always fun. If I had more time I would have explored more. At any rate stop 1 on the day was exciting to say the lease. Stop two was the adjoining neighborhoods close to home. Have not been through them in a while so it allowed me to get in some extra mileage before my trip. The third phase of this plan was simply walking around campus. Since I've been swimming, I went to visit the old pool from my college days. A lot of good memories here.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Ravenswood, Pheasant Run, Northwest Estates, Blackwood Greeting, Railroad Crossings, Liberty Park, Grenloch Park Manor, Salisbury University

Mags Gym
The pool and the trophy cases

The Academic Commons
The room named after me


November 17, 2016

Instagram Post: After driving for 6 hours yesterday, I slept in this morning. That felt great by the way. So my only activity today was walking at work. 7900 steps. Not bad. Quick turn around as I open tomorrow but hopefully that means some swimming or biking tomorrow. Good night all #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 18, 2016

Instagram Post: It's mid November. It was 70 degrees outside and I had to work all day. I wish I was off, I would've biked all day. Instead, I headed to the pool after work. It was a tremendous night #swimming laps. 5000 yards! Great split times! In addition, I put in over 9100 steps walking around work. I'm doing my best to stay active considering the lack of daylight making #biking a rare event these days. I think I won today though. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 19, 2016

Instagram Post: It was 70 degrees today (yes it's November) and the weather was perfect for #biking The fall colors made for a beautiful scenery on the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail today. I then rode through some neighborhoods to reach 21 miles on the day. In addition I managed 8000 steps. If you missed an opportunity to be outside today, you still have time. Get out there! Do something fun! #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: Beautiful day today. Loved being outside. I went at slower pace then normal, just enjoying the day. Nothing new on this ride except I went through Pine Run which is sandwhiched around Lakeview Apartments. It was different, added mileage but nothing to exciting. Although I did bike around my old elementary school. That was fun.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch Park Manor, Lakeland Terrace, Liberty Park, GTWP Midget Football, Blenheim, Timber Cover, Lakeview Apartments, Hilltop, Pine Run, Scenic View Apartments, VFW, Gloucester Township Elementary


November 20, 2016

Instagram Post: How can it be 70 degrees yesterday and 40 degrees today? Worked all day. So all I did was walk around the store. On my lunch break I went to #TimberCreekPark and walked about a mile in the park. Just had to get outside a bit. Not a bad day all things considered. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 21, 2016

Instagram Post: A work day. A cold day. A windy day. Working in retail and with #BlackFriday around the corner, needless to say #10000steps was a pretty achievable goal today while getting the store ready. The wind and cold forced me inside to my #HomeGym where I utilized the #recumbentbike for 25 miles. Where there is a will, there is a way! #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 22, 2016

Instagram Post: Worked all day. All I could fit in was steps at work. Even that wasn't great only 6500. Tomorrow is another day. I love to incorporate holidays with my blog posts, this isn't a holiday but an important date in history so I think it's appropriate. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #LLLR #JFK


November 23, 2016

Instagram Post: Did not sleep well last night. Woke up early and went to the pool. I did 3000 yards. Once home, I still felt like doing something so I jumped on the #elliptical for about 2 miles. It was nice to change things up a bit. In addition, the new #pedometer app works well. 9400 steps at work tonight. It was a well rounded #fitness day. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR #swimming

The ellipitcal was cool. Its been a while, but the muscle memory made it managable. I wouldn't say easy but it definitely a work out. Swimming is becoming a go to winter activity.


November 24, 2016

Instagram Post: Gobble Gobble!! 15 miles of #biking activity on this #Thanksgiving morning. A couple new neighborhoods explored. No traffic to contend with and I beat the rain. Enjoy the holiday everyone. Best wishes. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #LLLR

The Ride: 40 degrees but really no wind. I specifically went to these areas today because the only way to get to them is off heavy traffic roads and this being a holiday, I knew they would be very barron in the morning. A decent ride, a lot of turns, short streets, etc made for more coverage then straigt aways. For the second year in a row (and only the second time) I was actually stopped by the Outlet security. Apparently they think when i'm all decked out in biking gear, thats my cover for getting a great Black Friday parking spot. Ridiculous. Good ride, new areas explored.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Grenloch Park Manor, Tory Estates, Huntingdon Mews, Greenbriar, Cherrywood, Quail Hollow, Southgate Woods, Gloucester Premium Outlets


November 25, 2016

Instagram Post: It's #BlackFriday and those that know me know I work in retail. So just getting home and as you can see 11405 steps at work (we weren't even crazy busy). I think I'm just enjoying the night. Probably ride my bike tomorrow #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR


November 27, 2016

No social media post with this one. Nothing special. I worked. I did steps at work. Thats it.


November 28, 2016

Instagram Post: I'm not a fan of this daylight savings time thing. It's dark when I go to work and dark when I return. I can only ride my bike on days off (like Wednesday but it's supposed to rain). That means to my #HomeGym for a #recumbentbike & #elliptical workout. 10 miles on the bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical and repeat three times. In the end, it's 30 miles biking and a couple miles on the elliptical. The entire thing takes about 1.5 hours. Grateful I have all this equipment in the house. Tomorrow however I'm getting my ass back in the pool (if it's raining or I'll bike a little if it isn't before work). Until then #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #LLLR


November 29, 2016

Instagram Post: A rainy morning. I figured I'd get wet #biking so why not go #swimming instead. 3000 yards, not a bad split time. I felt good with no real issues. I also walked 8600 steps at work tonight. All in all, a good day. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #LLLR #YouVsYou


November Stats