2017 February 01 Blackwood + Walking (Salisbury University)   2017 February 16 Swimming + Walking (Work)
2017 February 02 Walking (Work)   2017 February 17 Strength Training + Walking (Work)
2017 February 03 Walking (Work)   2017 February 18 Gloucester Township H&W Trail + Walking (Work)
2017 February 04 Walking (Work)   2017 February 19 Walking (Work)
2017 February 05 Recumbent Bike + Walking (Work)   2017 February 20 Strength Training + Walking (Work)
2017 February 06 Walking (Work)   2017 February 21 Swimming + Walking (Work)
2017 February 07 Grenloch + Walking (Work)   2017 February 22 Stratford, Hi-Nella, Glendora, Blackwood, Grenloch
2017 February 08 Washington Lake Park, GTWP Community Park +, Walking   2017 February 23 Gloucester Township H&W Trail + Neighborhoods + Walking (Work)
2017 February 09 Walking (Work)   2017 February 24 Strength Training + Walking (Work)
2017 February 10 Walking (Work)   2017 February 25 GTWP, Deptforrd, Washington TWP + Walking
2017 February 11 GTWP H&W Trail, Blackwood + Walking   2017 February 26 Walking (Work)
2017 February 12 Walking (Work)   2017 February 27 Strength Training + Walking (Work)
2017 February 13 Walking (Work)   2017 February 28 Swimming + Walking (Work)
2017 February 14 Swimming + Walking (Work)      
2017 February 15 Biking + Multi Gym + Walking   Monthly Stats  


February 01, 2017

Instagram Post: I had a wonderful day. 32 miles of #biking to kick off February & 8000 steps. I also went to #SalisburyUniversity for a Board of Directors meeting and walked 3.5 miles around campus. I also got to see some wonderful people tonight and that is reason enough for the long drive. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou

The Ride: Good ride, great weather. I had not done this ride in a while so its nice to rack up mileage and always be within 2 miles of home. I felt good today.

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February 05, 2017

Instagram Post: Home from work (8000 steps), jumped on the #recumbentbike while watching the #superbowl Got in 40 miles. I got the blood pumping a bit so that's always a good thing. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt



February 07, 2017

Instagram Post: 55 degrees in February? Awesome. I got out of work a little early so I grabbed the bike and hit the road. I started this journey as the sun was setting and finished as the moon was rising. Just 10 miles around #GrenlochLake but it's still 10 miles to my goal of #3000Miles Tomorrow the weather looks promising so I'll be out there again on my day off. Oh just shy of 11000 steps at work today as well so all in all a good day. #10000steps #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: I squeezed this one in before it got dark. Just a quick 10 miles through the Grenloch loop. Great weather again. Good Ride.

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February 08, 2017

Instagram Post: It was 65 degrees today so I went #biking (tomorrow there'll be 4-8" of snow). I actually planned to bike to #WashingtonLakePark and then over #GloucesterTownshipComminityPark I hit a few neighborhoods along the way and biked through #CamdenCountyCollege In all it was 35 miles. I did not feel great (much better last night), but I powered through it. The sky was crazy looking as the snow is moving in. Can't complain about the weather though. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou

The Ride: My goal was to bike through two county parks today and I did that. I did hit a few neighborhoods along the way but the ultimate goal was the parks. I felt horrible all day on the bike. I am the worst I ever felt. I probably shouldn't have been out there but fighting through adversity builds character and that was motivation enough for me. This is a ride I will attempt again at some point. Intersting note, while in the GTWP Park, I noticed this marker for the first time. One of the fields has been dedicated to Bert Zimmerman. Bert was a friend from school. He was a NJ State Trooper and was lost in the line of duty. I've biked through here a lot but never noticed this until today. Some of my steps came from walking around teh Wells Fargo Center tonight as I went to the 76ers game. Need to get my bike to the Sports Complex.

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February 11, 2017

Instagram Post: I've had a very full Saturday already today. I could t sleep so I woke up at 5:30am and did my taxes. Then I decided to go for a #biking adventure. It was cold (in the 30s but it'll be in the mid 50s today). I know some of you will say I'm crazy & I should've waiting until it gets warmer but where's the fun in that. Oh speaking of adventure, I rode the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail and at every cross street there was either Army, reserves or something out there. They wouldn't tell me why they were there but when I asked if it was safe to be on the trail today they said yes. Hmmm, Do you take a leap of faith here? Obviously I didn't have an issues but that was a different experience to say the least. Anyway 17 miles today (keeping my pace to bike 3000 miles this year.) It's all good. I then went to the supermarket (not on my bike) and started laundry. It's not quite 11 am yet. Like I said, a full day. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou

The Ride: The Instagram post says it all. Felt very good today

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February 14, 2017

Instagram Post: There was no social media post for this day. I simply kept to myself. I did about 8600 steps at work and went for my first swim of the month afterwards. 4000 yards in the pool and it felt good to do that again.


February 15, 2017

Instagram Post: It's been a while since I posted (I have been doing things but really needed a social media break. Had to concentrate on me privately for a bit). I'm back and I have a new focus and new routine. I needed to mix things up a bit. I've felt this way for a while and especially on my ride today. Good ride. New areas, 25 miles (still have my 3000 mile goal for 2017 to achieve.). I talked to a few people, dusted off (literally) my home gym and plotted a new routine: you'll hear more about it in time but let's say for now it consists of strength training as well as cardio including some boxing. I actually felt the best mentally that I have in weeks after I did this workout (anyone want to play psychologist and tell me why?) Physically I definitely pushed it to the limit today. I now have a daily schedule for #StrengthTraining #Cardio #Biking & #Swimming I'm excited for the first time in a long time. #BrandNewMe #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt

The Ride: I've wanted to explore some new areas that I've biked around but never through before. I also managed to hit a few old neighborhoods along the way. I went into a few places that, well lets just say I probably shouldn't have and I wont be back. Overall however, it was a great exploration of new places and I felt good.

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February 16, 2017

Instagram Post: The day after #StrengthTraining for the first time in forever, I was SORE! #Swimming wasn't exactly easy tonight but it was on the day's agenda so to the pool I went. 4000 yards and it had its moments of really good and really bad. Overall it was just good to not drown haha. 8000 steps at work also. The sky was a little crazy tonight. I'm appreciating the sky more these days. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


February 17, 2017

Instagram Post: It was a #StrengthTraining day. Still figuring out how to track all this but basically this is my routine: 90 minutes circuit style. Before every new discipline I did 5 minutes on the #elliptical also used it as a warn up & cool down. A lot of weight training for the first hour, the last part was 2 - 10 minute sessions #Boxing with the #elliptical in between. I'll break down my weight training on the blog. This was intense. I was definitely tired. I will continue to tweak this to serve my needs. It's could to change things up. I also walked over 11000 steps at work tonight. A busy day to say the least. #FightForIt #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit


February 18, 2017

Instagram Post: Today I did the suicide work out on the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail 13 cross streets, up and back to the 13th street, then 12th and back, 11th and back, etc which made it a total of 44 miles. A good ride and most surprising is that I wasnt tired. I guess the strength training worked out. Great ride. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: I felt a lot better today then I have most days on a bike recently. I'm thinking that the strength training has been a positive factor. I'm not discounting the fact I had proper inflation in my tires either. My go to gear is slipping right now so I spent the majority of the ride in a higher gear. Ironically. my legs were not tired. I did feel the workout though. Great day to be on a bike.

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February 20, 2017

Instagram Post: It's #PresidentsDay, It's Monday, It's #StrengthTraining day. I'm still tweaking my routine but I approach it like a circuit. I do the #elliptical as a warm up and cool down. I also use it between every group of exercises I do. The weights are first and then I end it with 2 - 20 minute #Boxing sessions. The entire routine is 90 minutes. I'm tired, sweaty, sore and above all have a great sense of accomplishment. It's been good to change up the routine. I also managed 14000 steps today. It was a productive day. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou


February 21, 2017

Instagram Post: On Tuesday's I go #swimming 4000 yards is what I'm doing for my routine right now. Felt sluggish at times but not tired? The strength training is working, just not my best day in the pool. It happens. At least I did it right? 7300 steps at work. Not a bad day. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


February 22, 2017

Instagram Post: (1) I couldn't sleep last night. Instead I got up at 5, was on the bike by 5:30 and hit the road. Went to new towns, new neighborhoods and used roads that only a few hours later would have heavy traffic. In the end I biked 50 miles this morning and it's only 8:30. The whole day is ahead of me. Great way to start things off #GetUp #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #biking (2) Okay so we already discussed the 50 mile #biking activity this morning but there's more. I was actually just testing a couple functions on the Garmin that I hadn't really used. At any rate, about another 12 miles total. On the day that makes 62 miles biked. I need an average of 60 miles a week to hit my goal of 3000 miles biked in 2017. It's nice to get it all done in one day. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride:

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February 23, 2017

Instagram Post: Thursday's are #swimming days but the pool is closed for maintenance. That's okay though it was 72 degrees outside today (that's 72, in the Northeast, in February.... it'll probably snow in July now) so I jumped on the bike after work and squeezed in 15 miles of #biking activity tonight. I just rode the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail and a couple neighborhoods. The sky was majestic at sunset. I love being on my bike. Also a big step day at work #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #10000steps

The Ride:

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February 24, 2017

Instagram Post: On a more serious note, today was a #StrengthTraining day. Very similar workout to Monday with similar results. It's been a couple weeks now and I think I'm getting used to this new routine. The hardest part of anything is simply STARTING. I'm already better off then I was two weeks ago. Hence my favorite hashtag #YouVsYou ... #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


February 25, 2017

Instagram Post: A lot happened on my little #biking adventure today. First I set out to do 15 miles (3 neighborhoods), it turned into 27 (9 neighborhoods/ parks). I'm now over the 250 mile average per month to hit 3000 for the year. Next, I haven't bloodied myself in a while so it was about time. Here's how that happened: there's this one road that is completely abandoned (seriously it's like straight out of a horror film so of course I learned nothing from them and biked it). Actually I went past the part where the paved road ended and that's where it got a little scary. My gps showed a major road straight ahead so I went down this dirt road. When I got to the barrier to get to the main road, I walked through thorn vines, that would obviously be bushes in the spring. Anyway, it scrapped up my shins pretty good. Hey at least I didn't crash. I was just stupid! Haha. When I was finished, I took advantage of the nice weather and washed my bike. It needed it (and lube). The wind was an issue at times today and as you can see the clouds are rolling in. Thunderstorms are coming. Finally, I felt the desire to bust out the #Batman biking jersey. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou

The Ride: The Instagram post says it all

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February 27, 2017

Instagram Post: It's Monday (#dontskipmondays), back at the #StrengthTraining part of my program. It was a little rough today. Felt like a step back. Honestly though, some days just don't feel good but later I'll reap the rewards. Just keep plugging along. I'll get to where I want to be. A decent step day at work. Not great but decent. Until tomorrow #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou


February 28, 2017

Instagram Post: A little swim after work. The meme says it all. There was definitely this dude in the lane next to me and although we never spoke, we knew we were racing haha. 4000 yards #swimming 11000 steps at work. Great day. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou