2017 January 01 Recumbent Bike + Walking (work)   2017 January 17 Recumbent Bike + Elliptical + Walking (work)
2017 January 02 Recumbent Bike + Swimming + Walking   2017 January 18 Deptford Township + Walking
2017 January 03 Recumbent Bike + Elliptical + Walking   2017 January 19 Recumbent Bike + Walking (work)
2017 January 04 Historic Downtown Blackwood + Walking   2017 January 20 Swimming + Walking (work)
2017 January 05 Swimming + Walking (work)   2017 January 21 Washington Township, Monroe Township + Walking
2017 January 06 Swimming + Walking (work)   2017 January 22 Walking (work)
2017 January 07 GTWP Health & Wellness Trail, Grenloch + Walking   2017 January 23 Walking (work)
2017 January 08 Recumbent Bike + Elliptical + Walking   2017 January 24 Walking (work)
2017 January 09 Recumbent Bike + Walking (work)   2017 January 25 Monroe Township Bikeway, Monroe Township + Clayton + Walking
2017 January 10 Walking (work)   2017 January 26 Walking (work)
2017 January 11 Recumbent Bike + Walking (work)   2017 January 27 Swimming + Walking (work)
2017 January 12 Swimming + Walking (work)   2017 January 28 Erial, Sicklerville + Walking
2017 January 13 Recumbent Bike + Elliptical + Walking (work)   2017 January 29 Walking (work)
2017 January 14 Blackwood + Valleybrook +Walking   2017 January 30 Walking (work)
2017 January 15 Walking (work)   2017 January 31 Swimming + Walking (work)
2017 January 16 Swimming + Walking (work)   Final Stats  


January 01, 2017

Instagram Post: HappyNewYear2017 After about a week of illness I got back at it tonight. 20 miles on the #recumbentbike I felt sluggish at times and wanted to quit but I got through it. I also managed 8500 steps at work. Tomorrow I'm off and looking forward to getting outside and riding my bike! #biking #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 02, 2017

Instagram Post: My plan to go #biking today got derailed by rain. So I says to myself, self, if you're going to get wet, then go #swimming So laps in the pool I did. 3000 yards worth. I did come home and did 15 miles on the #recumbentbike And for good measure about 3700 steps walking around. My first real workout of 2017! #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou


January 03, 2017

Instagram Post: Another rainy day, another day where I couldn't ride my bike outside. Instead I did 22 miles on the #recumbentbike and jumped on the #elliptical for 4 miles. Almost 9500 steps at work rounded out my day. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou


January 04, 2017

Instagram Post: (1) It's been a while! Sickness, work, rain .... well it's 65 degrees, I have daylight, sob#biking I will. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit (2) mwmoweryMy ride started in light and ended in darkness. At times I battled an 18mph wind. It's the first week of January and I was comfortable in shorts, an under armor shirt & biking jersey. Non of this matters. What does matter is for the first time in almost two weeks, I was able to ride my bike! It felt amazing. It was such an awesome ride, I didn't want to stop. Over 31 miles tonight (I was never more then 3 miles from home). I covered pretty much historic/downtown Blackwood. I'm not gonna lie, the legs feel a little like jello at the moment but the fact I did 30 miles was a great sense of accomplishment. #biking #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: Not biking in almost two weeks had me a little worried. I however did fine. In fact the first mile I felt great. I wasn't interested in speed, distance, etc. I was just looking to finish neighborhoods. I felt like quitting prior to finishing the first section of Blackwood Estates but powered through the darkness to the finish line.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Blackwood Estates, Blackwood Greeting, Railroad Crossings, Chestnut Glen, Highland Village, Grenloch Park Manor, Liberty Park, Lakeland Terrace.


January 05, 2017

Instagram Post: January 5th, the first snow fall of 2017. It was a work day so I got up early and hit the pool. 3000 yards. Not a bad time but not great either. I was a little tired from the #biking yesterday. It was still a good swim. I also managed almost #10000steps at work so overall a good day. Depending on how much snow falls overnight will determine if I'm able to go out and play after work. Until then #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 06, 2017

Instagram Post: #Swimming after work tonight. 3000 yards. That's my goal. 3000 yards or an hour of continuous swimming whatever comes first. Felt better tonight then the other day. Also 8600 steps at work. Good day, productive day. #FitDontQuit #FightForIt #YouVsYou #10000steps


January 07, 2017

Instagram Post: (1) What the hell is this? Damn snow! It just started. Supposed to get a few inches. This changes my #biking plans. That doesn't mean I'm not going to go out biking, it just changes the bike, the route, the purpose, etc. Damn Snow! How many days until summer? (2) Quick update on my #snowmagedon #biking adventure I'm up to the off road let's have a hell of a lot of fun part!! This is awesome (3) mwmowery#snowmagedon #biking adventure concluded 13 miles - I hit the #gloucestertownshiphealthandwellnesstrail #grenlochleasheddogpark and parts in between. Plenty of pictures for the blog later. It was good to dust off this bike and do some off roading as well. The snow got heavier the longer I was out. The temperature got colder as the wind got stronger. 8 degrees? Ok whatever! I even had the facial hair icicle thing going on. It Seriously was a lot of fun on the bike today. Go outside and play like a kid again. You won't regret it. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit (4) Oh yeah my water bottle froze. Never had that happen before. Glad I still have firsts while biking

The Ride: I opened the door and it was snowing. Immediately had to change to the mountain bike, do some quick tire maitenance and then off I went. I layered clothing well so I was not cold. The ride wasn't bad actually. I did the entire GTWP Trail which I hadn't in a long time (especially on this bike.) I hit all my normal picture stops along the way as well. I then ended at Grenloch Lake and realized I had my mountain bike so I could do off road work through the dog park, so I did. That was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this ride. Good thing I went out because hours later as I write this, its still snowing.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Gloucester Township Health and Wellness Trail, Grenloch, Grenloch Terrace, Grenloch Leashed Dog Park, Grenloch Park Manor, The Reserve


January 08, 2017

Instagram Post: Cold this morning. Honestly after the #biking and shoveling yesterday, I was tired and a little sore. I did however do an hour on the #recumbentbike bike and 5 miles on the #elliptical Not my greatest results but I did it! Mixing things up trying to stay motivated and keep things fresh. About 7800 steps at work for good measure #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #10000steps


January 09, 2017

Instagram Post: Another work day. The pool at the Y is closed for repairs so #recumbentbike was my best option today before work. 35 miles. A good workout. Not as many steps at work tonight but you can't hit 10k everyday #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 10, 2017

Instagram Post: When your pool is closed due to repairs, you sleep in, go to brunch with your sister (@crobromo), then work all day and half the night. That formula equals #RestDay I did however manage #10000steps at work. I'll get back to the routine tomorrow but listening to my body today and taking it easy. #biking #swimming #YouVsYou #FightForIt FitDontQuit


January 11, 2017

Instagram Post: Squeezed in an hour on the #recumbentbike tonight. 22 miles. Nothing to exciting about this workout except that I did it. Until tomorrow. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 12, 2017

Instagram Post: The pool is open! The pool is open! Back at it doing laps. A bunch of laps adds up to 4000 yards of #swimming tonight after work. I also managed 8200 steps at work. So overall a good day. I feel like it was a good day. Back to my routine. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 13, 2017

Instagram Post: It's kinda of a crazy moon tonight. It's also #fridaythe13th I wish I could have done some #biking outside today but unfortunately I had to work. I did manage 30 miles on the #recumbentbike & 5 miles on the #elliptical I also walked almost 7000 steps at work. Go watch a horror film, grab a cocktail and enjoy the weekend. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 014, 2017

Instagram Post: Done 23 miles of #biking on this cold January day. I set out to bike through @valleybrookcountryclub just for some different scenery today. I went a lot of places including all my schools from kindergarten through high school and places in between. Overall a good ride. Nostalgic ride. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: Cold, but overall pretty pleasant. I took the GTWP Health and Wellness trail to the end so that I could have an easier time getting to Valleybrook. That was my intention and goal today to bike through Valleybrook. I did manage to hit the neighborhoods arounf Valleybrook and a few others that are not usually on my path. I also realized that my route was taking past all the schools I went to from Kindergarten through High School so I biked around them just for the hell of it. Overall a very good but cold day out there on the bike.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Gloucester Township Health and Wellness Trail, Grenloch Park Manor, Liberty Park, Lakeland Terrace, Gloucester Township Elementary School, Charles W Lewis Middle School, Highland Regional High School, Village of Chews Landing, Valleybrook, Juniper Lane, Cherry Circle, Lakes at Knoll Run, Peter's Walk, Highland Park, Brooklyn Ct


January 15, 2017


January 16, 2017

Instagram Post: I gotta say people that this "Blue Monday" stuff (at least for me is REAL). I'm definitely down, depressed, etc. I'm sticking to my routine and honestly it's the only time of the day that I'm not having heavy, depressed thoughts. I wish I could swim or bike 24 hours a day. Then I'd be happy. This morning I did 3000 yards in the pool. I also walked about 8000 steps at work. Hoping tomorrow is a better day #swimming #10000steps #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt


January 17, 2017

Instagram Post: It was a work day. Mentally still struggling. I did ride my #recumbentbike for 30 miles and hit the #elliptical for 5 miles. Almost 8000 steps at work. Weather looks promising tomorrow. I really need a day on my bike. #YouVsYou #FitDontQuit #FightForIt


January 18, 2017

Instagram Post: I needed today, and for a few hours I felt better. Not so much now. I rode and rode and rode to my longest #biking adventure of 2017. 51 miles of biking on this overcast, cloudy, miserable day but at least I was able to ride. I went to a whole lot of new places today. That was cool. Grateful for that. I'll get out of my funk soon enough but at least I know, biking cures the funk (at least temporarily) #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou

The Ride: I set out to explore new areas. I accomplished this in spades. I hit a lot of neighborhoods in Deptford that I had not biked through before. I also found peace on the road today. I just kept on biking. It cleared my head and I really needed this. Weather was perfectly comfortable. This was my longest ride of the year and longest since Sea Gull Century. I don't know if these areas will ever be explored again (at least not for a while) so I'm glad for the new discoveries and firsts.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Fasola Park, Windemere, Narraticon, Virginia Woods, Cooper Village, Woodbury Arms, Almolind Homes, Deptford High School, Hunters Gate, Heritage Woods, Sawyer's Creek, Millstream Apartments, Willow Ridge, Bexhill Farms, Gardendale, Almonesson, Woodbrook, Nob Hill, Washington Way Apartments, Grenloch Park Manor.


January 19, 2017

Instagram Post: Just a quick little #recumbentbike workout tonight after work. I also managed 8300 steps at work today. Apparently it's #NationalPopcornDay so take that for what it's worth. Mentally it has been my best day in a couple weeks. Maybe I'm coming out of my funk. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit


January 20, 2017

Instagram Post: It's #InaugurationDay (That's the most political thing you'll ever get from me). I hit the pool after work. 3000 yards (that's about my max in an hour). I felt good, not great but good. I also walked 11000 steps at work. Overall the mental health was better today. It's a slow healing process but its moving in a positive direction. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou #Swimming #10000steps


January 21, 2017

Instagram Post: Days off equals quality time on my bike. A little foggy at first, a little wetness sprinkled throughout but overall not to bad. I planned out a route to explore new neighborhoods today. I have all this technology attached to me and yet I still actually got lost for a bit. Okay so not lost to the point where I can't find my way home, but zig zagging through neighborhoods, I got a little discombobulated and ended up in neighborhoods I didn't plan on. Thus I didn't finish one area and yeah that bothers me a bit haha. Guess I'm going back at some point. The good news though is for the second time this week I had a 50+ mile ride. 4000 calories burned isn't to shabby either. #Biking #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: A long ride into parts unknown today. I explored more of Washington Township and Williamston. A lot of crazy designed neighborhoods out there. I actually ended up in places I wasn't even sure of. I also battled some wettness on the road and wind in the face. It was a long way to bike just to go through new places, but the thing to note here is that these new places were withing biking distance. I felt a sense of accomplishment when this one was over to say the least.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Washington Lake Park, Hidden Lakes, Woods of Washington, Peppertree, Shadowbrook, Hunters Chase, Crossroads, Twin Ponds East, Summit Pointe, Wrenfield, The Meadows, The Maples, Courts of Peachtree, Deux Mare Estates, Waters Edge





January 25, 2017

Instagram Post: Back at it today. I returned to the #MonroeTownshipBikeway for the first time in forever. The trail had a lot of debris on it and made #biking at times difficult. I also biked through many neighborhoods that had access points off the trail. In all 37 miles. The weather was near perfect for this time of year. The only thing was the wind at times but overall a good day. #YouVsYou #FightForIt #FitDontQuit

The Ride: Decided to do the ride I meant to do earlier in the week. I hit the Monroe Township Bikeway and the adjacent neighborhoods. Not until I started this blog post did I realize I actually went into the Borough of Clayton which is now another part of New Jersey I've biked in. I new just by looking at google maps that these were some big neighborhoods but OMG these were some big neighborhoods. Very long straight roads through multiple developments. It was crazy. Its off the bucket list now, but at least I know I can get extra mileage on this trail now.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Monroe Township Bikeway, Angela R Estates, Ruth London Homes at Lifelink, Moore Avenue, The Ridings, Neighborhoode at Fries Mill, Hunter Woods, Tall Oaks, Carriage Glen, Federal Hill, Williamstown Middle School, Williamstown High School, Blue Bell Farms, Chestnut Greene



January 27, 2017

Instagram Post: Back in the pool tonight after work. 4000 yards of #swimming Good pace, Good rhythm, Felt Good. Only 5300 steps at work so that was a little off the norm but I think overall it was a good day. #10000steps #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou


January 28, 2017

Instagram Post: Most of the time #biking in suburbia means housing development after housing development. It all looks the same. Sometimes, just sometimes the sky is majestic which provides a cool backdrop for the biking adventure. On really lucky days, you find a lake tucked away inside suburbia. Today was one of those days. I biked pretty much exclusively in neighborhoods I hadn't before. I even found a few so new that they weren't on my gps yet. At just under 63 miles, it was my longest ride since #SeaGullCentury The wind sucked at times and the cool looking clouds actually produced snow flurries but it didn't impact my ride. I'm continuing January's mission of exploring new areas and this definitely qualified. Im sore all over from this one. #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou

The Ride: I've wanted to do this section of Erial and Sicklerville for a long time. It was very tiring at times. The scenery around Cobblestone is wonderful but the rest is just development after development and that is very mundane. It was cold. It was windy but after a while it just didn't seem to matter anymore. A long ride with some great long stretches for speed but mostly flat and thats always a good thing.

Featured Areas: Check out the new section Community Maps for a detailed view of toady's featured areas: Gloucester Premium Outlets, Camden County College, Gloucester Township Community Park, Morningstar Court, Raintree, Woodshire Mews, Erial, Stonebridge Run, Terrestria, The Courts at Stonebridge Run, La Bonne View, Timber Creek High School, Wood Hill, Felicia Court, Mill Court, Kings Gate, Asten Woods, Valley Stream, Brittany Woods, Spring Valley, Revere Run, Country Aire, Ann A Mullen Middle School, Cobblestone, Mulberry Station, Reserve at Cobblestone, Spring Hollow, Farmhouse, The Villages at Cross Keys, Wye Oak, Senators Walk, Four Seasons at Forest Meadows, Twin Streams, Wood Hill




January 31, 2017

Instagram Post: A work day today. Afterwards I jumped in the pool and did some laps. Ending the month on a high note. 4000 yards of #swimming & 7700 steps. Not to shabby #FightForIt #FitDontQuit #YouVsYou