2019 January 01 1986 - Disney World      
2019 January 02 1985 - Basketball in the street      
2019 January 03 1973 - Kristy's Birthday      
2019 January 04 2013 - Hollywood Boulevard - Stormtrooper      
2019 January 05 2018 - Ocean City, MD Bike on The Beach      
2019 January 06 1982 - Atari 2600      
2019 January 07 1983 - Bike      
2019 January 08 2018 - Atlantic City Boardwalk - Elvis      
2019 January 09 2013 - Philly Comic Con - Batmobile      
2019 January 10 2016 - Independence Hall - Philadelphia Biking      
2019 January 11 1997 - Movie Theatre - film mess      
2019 January 12        


January 1, 2019

Instagram Post: Taking a page out of @ocularnervosa playbook, in addition to biking posts in 2019 each day I am going to post a random blast from the past photo. No rhyme or reason just what inspired me each day. Day 1 - 1986 Disney vacation boat fun with @crobromo & Sonny!


January 2, 2019

Instagram Post: #BlastFromThePast - Day 2. Many a day with many a friends playing basketball in the street in front of the house. Those were crazy days. This photo is from 1985 with some of the crew. Very excited making that bucket apparently.


January 3, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 3 - #BlastFromThePast is for the sister @crobromo because it’s her birthday! Here’s one with Sonny from 1973! Happy birthday sister! Best wishes


January 4, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 4 #blastfromthepast Los Angels 2013. Saw a lot strange things on #hollywoodboulevard this day. This particular stormtrooper didn’t have bad aim, he had no aim as I took his weapon from him! #starwars #stormtrooper #vacation


January 5, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 5 #blastfromthepast These photos can be anything but mostly it’s what I’m feeling in the moment. It could be nostalgic or random or in this case something from not that long ago because I simply miss it. This was only a few months ago in October biking through OCMD. Missing my bike today but I’m being practical because it’s very wet and the roads are slick. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day.


January 6, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 6 #blastfromthepast a 10 year old me playing the #atari2600 (I still have it and yes it works). Everything in this picture screams late 70s early 80s. Paneling on the walls, pattern of the sofa, wide stripes on the sweat pants and oh yes the color tile carpet. Ah The good ‘old days.


January 7, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 7 #blastfromthepast I remember 2 bikes as a kid. A black & yellow huffy & this one. (I had a 10 speed after this) I seem happy enough, then again every day on a bike is a good day! Looking at this now I think how times have changed since 1983. Simpler times back then. I also look at that bike and think no way that’s getting me through a century ride lol.


January 8, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 8 #blastfromthepast I actually had a few thoughts in my head. Then I remembered it was Elvis’ birthday and that reminded me of #biking on the #atlanticcityboardwalk in July. That was a really good day at a time when I struggled with good mental days so even though it was only a few months ago, it was a valuable day with a wonderful memory.


January 9, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 9 #blastfromthepast Sitting here in the dark because the power is out is not exactly fun. I don’t have a lot of pictures on my phone but this one is kinda awesome. June 2013 Philly Comic Con I had an opportunity to sit in the Batman ‘66 Batmobile and take a few pictures. First comic con I ever went to and this was certainly a highlight.


January 10, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 10 #blastfromthepast This was a great day on the bike. First time I biked through Historic Philadelphia. Here in front of #independencehall Rarely have I appreciated the history of this city being so close to it but I highly recommend that you do it on a bike. It was a great day.


January 11, 2019

Instagram Post: Day 11 #blastfromthepast 1997 managing the movie theatre. Probably the most fun at a job ever. This particular disaster was when the film was let’s say not properly secured to the take up reel and it just piled up on the floor. The film was “Scream” which we stayed and watched after hours once a week for months. Don’t know what made me think of this today but these #blastfromthepast posts are bringing up all sorts of memories.


January 12, 2019

Instagram Post:
Day 12 #blastfromthepast inspired by my buddy finding old news paper clippings of us, I found this press clipping that SSU sent to the local papers about my show. It was actually an independent study. I have many fond memories of this show and the people that worked on it. Through social media I keep in touch with a lot of them (need to do a better job though). Just know the success of #triviachallenge was a total team effort. I have a lot of great memories from this time in my life and this is way up their on the list.