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Audio Compilation Recordings

Audio Compilation CDs
1983 - 2008
Venue / Source
Amore and Early Rarities 1981-1983
70 min
Amore, B-Sides & Demos
Accoustic Live Sessions 1988-1997
70 min
Rare Live Sessions 1986-1989
38 min
Rare 1991 - 1992
70 min
Various Performances
Flip Sides - The B Sides 1999
40 min


The Set Lists

Amore and Early Rarities 1981-1983
70 min
Amore, B-Sides & Demos
1. Amore 3.30
2. Blood From A Stone 3.02
3. Hanging On A Heartbeat 2.52
4. All You Zoombies 3.16
5. Birdman 3.44
6. Don't Wanna Fight 2.49
7. Fightin' On The Same Side 2.20
8. Concubine 3.15
9. Fightin' On the Same Side 2.30
10. Wireless 5.06
11. Rescue Me 4.03
12. All You Zombies 4.09 (live)
13. Man In the Street 3.50 (demo)
14. Love & Indecision 3.51 (demo)
15. Concubine 3.11 (demo)
16. Scared By Science 3.27 (demo)
17. Christmas Message 1983 2.23
18. Concubine 4.57 (demo)
19. Love & Indecision 4.17 (demo)
20. Hangin' On A Heartbeat 3.08 (demo)

Amore is a very rare LP made in 1983, their first on an independent record company, and the first 8 songs is from that LP. It has only existed in vinyl format until now. And this version really sound great. The sound quality is excellent.

The first 4 bonus tracks is the pre-Amore singles. These are the original releases of "Fightin' On The Same Side" and "All You Zombies" (live A-side), which aren't identical with the "Amore" recordings. The b-sides "Wireless" and "Rescue Me" are only released on these singles which only came out locally in Philadelphia back in '81 and '82.

After this section I have added early demos. Note that the tracks #18-20 are from a radio broadcast with Eric Bazilian talking about each song first. Two of these songs are identical to the other demos but I included them one more time because of Eric's talking about them. "Man In The Street" is an instrumental demo from 1980, in fact their very first demo session ever at the original Umbria Ranch in Manayunk, USA. This is the track that WMMR played relentlessly after Michael Tearson did his Gorilla Theater takeover, and really started the ball rolling for the Hooters. "Love & Indecision" is a demo from 1982 written and sung by John Kuzma who later left the band. Maybe that was also the reason why they didn't release it because it is really a good song. "Concubine" is also a 1982 demo version as well as "Hangin' On A Heartbeat". "Scared By Science" was recorded for Amore but left off the album. The "Christmas Message" from 1983 was their first Screamer Of The Week and is is a very early hip-hop song really! Quite interesting. This is a must for all true Hooters fans.

Accoustic Live Sessions 1988-1997
70 min
1. Satellite
2. Brother Don't You Walk Away
3. Karla With A K
4. All You Zombies
5. Shadow of Jesus
6. Boys Will Be Boys
7. Private Emotion
8. Rough Rider
9. Harder They Come
10. Mr. Big Baboon
11. She's A Woman
12. Oh Darling
13. Yellow Submarine
14. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
15. Satellite
16. Boys Will Be Boys
17. Jacko the Juggler

Tracks #1-3: Dutch radio, Holland, December 1990
Tracks #4-7: WMMR Studios, Philadelphia, USA, May 26, 1993
Tracks #8-11: Jamaica, February 13 & 14, 1989
Tracks #12-13: WMMR Studios, Philadelphia, USA, April 7, 1996
Track #14: The Carnival, Mainz, Germany, February 16, 1988
Tracks #15-16: Pitea, Sweden, July 21, 1996
Track #17: Swedish TV, Sweden, summer 1997

This is a collection of various acoustic performances by the Hooters and Eric Bazilian. The reason why I made this collection is because it shows that they are really good when they play unplugged. On the first 7 songs they play "live" in a radio studio so no big audience. This makes the performance sounding very solid and professional. Well rehearsed. On the next 4 songs we find the band in a very relaxed mood in Jamaica, "fooling around" with some old songs they like. You also hear the first live performance of Mr. Big Baboon. After that is two songs from the last "Streatbeat", a local radio show in Philadelphia which has supported the band through the years. It feautures other artists as well. Next is four acoustic live performances with Eric Bazilian even though the first one is with the Hooters. Excellent sound.

Rare Live Session 1986-1989
38 min

Philadelphia 1986:
1. National Anthem
WPI Soundcheck April 19 1988:
2. Big Baboon
3. Blame It On the Bible
4. Love Ain't Love
Brandeis May 5 1988:
5. Blame It On the Bible
6. He Was A Friend Of Mine
7. Love Aint Love
8. Ring of Fire
9. Long Tall Sally
Providence April 21 1989:
10. Crazy When the Night Comes

This is a collection of some rare songs performed by the Hooters. It is all audience recordings (except for National Anthem) and the sound isn't so good. Do NOT get this compilation for the sound quality. It is the rare songs that is interesting including unreleased material and cover songs. There has been a rumour about Blame It On the Bible saying that it exists as a demo but according to Eric Bazilian there are no demo of it - only these live performances. The National Anthem is from Veteran's Stadium before a Philadelphia Philles baseball game. I wish the recordings had better sound quality but on the other hand I am happy that they exist at all. WPI stands for Worchester Polytechnical Institute.
Rare 1991 - 1992
70 min
Various Sources
1. One Too Many Nights (early version)
2. Save a Little Love
3. Real Fine Love
4. I Want You Bad
5. Private Emotion (early version)
6. Everyday I Fall in Love
7. Bow Legged Lolita
8. You Can Run
9. Kansas
10. Private Emotion (Beta)
11. Josephine
12. Somebody to Love
13. Nobody But You
14. World Without Walls
15. Yesterday Is Over
16. Ballroom Ball

Best part of thos collection is the early versions of three songs that will end up on the 'Out of Body' album (One Too Many Nights, Private Emotion and a beta version of Private Emotion). The collection is extremely hard to hear. Not a good quality recording at all. There are some very rare songs thiugh that haven't surfaced any place else.
Flip Sides - The B-Sides 1999 CD A 40 min Various
1. The House of Wolfgang
2. Satellite '95
3. 25 Hours a day (live)
4. Heimliche Sehnsucht
5. Strange, Strange World
6. Thing of Beauty
7. Private Emotion (live)
8. Beat Up Guitar (live)